Thursday, 4 June 2009

Passing award on

A whole day passed and not a single card made, even my OH's worried about me. Not that I haven't been in my craft room I have, but I spent most of the afternoon labouring over the new laptop trying to transfer my Cricut Design Studio from my desktop and at long last with the help of "Wayne in Utah" it's finally sorted. I also spent an indulgent half hour talking to my best friend Luciana, who you probably guessed by the name is Italian - she lives in Campobasso about 100 miles south of Rome. And guess what ........ she's coming to visit in July, not seen her for about four years ........ I'm so excited. And then in August we go to Italy.

Anyway, enough babble, I need to pass this award on (piccy in the post below) which I'm told is for "For those with Great Attitude and Gratitude" and of course I would love to give it to so many of you, but that's not allowed. It was tough enough picking out ten when I got the last ones and this time it's only five, so please nobody be offended, I'll get round to everyone eventually ........ well of course, that's assuming I ever get another one to pass on. This is my list:

Jackie - because she really needs some love right now.
Louise - - for her kindness and generosity.
Clare - - for her support.
Andy and Janice - - because they are a lovely couple (hope this counts as one).
Lisa - - because she loves flowers and nature as much as I do (if you'd prefer the honeysuckle please have them instead, I'm sure that must be allowed somewhere in the rules)

And finally number five is Chris - she hasn't got a blog yet, but she's working on it - honest Chris it's easy, just like computers. But she visits me most days, leaves lovely comments and is great fun.

So a cardless day, what is the world coming too, I'll just have to work twice as hard tomorrow I guess.


Jackie said...

Aw Brenda, thank you so much that's really made my day.

PinksyDoodles said...

Oh thank you so much for this award Brenda, I truly appreciate it.
Clare x

chris said...

Thankyou Brenda, what a lovely suprise when I turned on the computer, cant wait to get bloging, hopefully next friday, busy for sir stamp alot today, and a su party next week, so busy busy busy. thanks again love chris xx

lisa said...

You know me too well Brenda. Yes I would definitely love the Honeysuckle, thank you so much. I shall wear it with much pride on my blog.