A little message

I always appreciate your visits, but having been unwell recently I have been a rather bad blogger and feel more than a little guilty that I have been unable to return your visits.

So for a few weeks my comment option will be switched off, but there will be a few scheduled posts popping up if you would like to take peek.

Family Friends

My avatar is a picture of Buffy who was my constant companion, sadly we lost her in September 2012, but she remains with me in spirit. Over the years the Animal Health Trust have provide wonderful specialist care and support to several of our dogs and since Buffy's death I have continued to donate greeting cards to sell in their Visitors Centre to help raise funds for their ongoing research.

November 2013 - the spotty boys, Anysia decided they needed matching coats even though we could probably open our own tack shop with everything cluttering the tack room

November 2013 - a hard days work in the craft room, Daisy left, devil eyes Holly on the right and centre stage Poppy

April 2013 the gang pose for a photo shoot, all except Holly that is who got bored (see below)
from right, George, Pixie (front) Daisy (back) Poppy (front) Lily (back) Bernie

Holly sloped off into my craftroom 

January 2013 new addition Holly
More pictures to follow when she keeps still long enough

Buffy my crafty companion who died 21/09/2012

Buffy, Abbey who died October 2011 and George (front) now three.


Bernie a rescue St Bernard, Buffy and George


Anysia riding Ben at 'Strictly come Showjumping'

Ben left and Heskey


My Dad with Emma

Buffy and her 'Toy Boy' George

Lily (left) and Daisy the sisters aged four months

Buffy and Daisy

Buffy and Daisy again

George, Bernie and puppy Daisy

Anysia with Daisy (left) and Lily aged seven weeks August 2010

Pixie aged ten weeks March 2012

Poppy aged ten weeks June 2012 - hubbys surprise Fathers Day present
- was he surprised, you bet !

Fridge Monster Daisy

Freddie and a few of  his harem 

Right to left: Buffy, Lily (back) Daisy and Abbey - Summer 2011

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