Family Friends

Over the years the Animal Health Trust have provide wonderful specialist care and support to several of our dogs and for years I donated greeting cards to sell in their Visitors Centre to help raise funds for their ongoing research. Lack of funs forced them to close in Summer 2020 so my cards now go the the RSPCA and Wood Green charity shops.

Rosa at 7 months with Leia (a Turkish Akbash, rescue from Battersea)

Treat time 

8 week old Rosa out in the field with new her new sisters, Holly, Daisy and Poppy

New kid on the block Rose aged 7 weeks (so named as Dad is Italian)
Gorgeous George (aka Mannie) May 2020, sadly he left of October that year

Poppy sporting her new collar 

Alex with Leia in Fontainebleau 

Left to right, Poppy, Daisy, Hilly and George

Anysia on Ben after a drastic haircut and her baby Clover

George just chilling

Photo shoot with the Sussex Cousins Prince and Luka (one of our son and DIL's boys)

The spotty boys, Anysia decided they needed matching coats even though we could probably open our own tack shop with everything cluttering the tack room

Jemima and Puddleduck along with Rosie, Maud, Clementine and Bluebell - yep, all the ducks and hens have names !

A hard days work in the craft room, Daisy left, devil eyes Holly on the right and centre stage Poppy

The gang pose for a photo shoot, all except Holly who got bored (see below)
from right, George, Pixie (front) Daisy (back) Poppy (front) Lily (back) Bernie who is no longer with us, he was a rescue from a TV appeal and enjoyed five happy years with us

Holly sloped off into my craft room 

New addition Holly - more pictures to follow when she keeps still long enough

Buffy my crafty companion

Buffy, Abbey and George (front)


Bernie a rescue St Bernard, Buffy and George


Anysia riding Ben at 'Strictly come Showjumping', a University event at Cambridge

Ben left and Heskey


My Dad with Emma

Buffy and her 'Toy Boy' George

Lily (left) and Daisy the sisters aged four months

Buffy and Daisy

Buffy and Daisy again

George, Bernie and puppy Daisy

Anysia with Daisy (left) and Lily aged seven weeks

Pixie aged ten weeks

Poppy aged ten weeks - hubby's surprise Fathers Day present
- was he surprised, you bet !

Fridge Monster Daisy

Freddie and a few of  his harem 

Right to left: Buffy, Lily (back) Daisy and Abbey


Marianne said...

What a lovely bunch of furry friends. Hugs, Marianne MW

Paula (PEP) said...

This is just a delight to see - Daisy looks as if she is very inquisitive.
Freddie is very splendid.
Paula (PEP)

Tanya said...

So cute Brenda! You have quite the menagerie :) I still live with my parents and we have our cats, but whenever the time comes for my boyfriend and I to start a home and family together, you can bet that there'll be all sorts of creatures running around the place! My dream home would have a cow, some hens, a dog or two and some cats - easy to tell I was brought up on a farm :) Hehe!

Tags xx

Kelly Lloyd said...

Oh Brenda what gorgeous little furry friends..

they are all beautiful... xxx

Sharon said...

I am going to come and pinch Daisy whilst you are not looking. Then again if she was in your craft room I may never want to leave. Stunning job.
Hugs Sharon. x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah such a lovely array B. and some treasures which tug at your heart - dear Buddy, love Shaz in Oz x.

walchowDesign said...

Good Morning, Brenda! I was showing my DH your beautiful organised craft room and my children peeped in at the same time when they saw your dog. Then they went awww.... with all the dogs you have. We love dogs but do not have one as I am afraid of all hassles of having a dog. Thank you so much for sharing the lovely pictures!

AnyOldCraft said...

Awwwwww they are all so adorable.
Giggled at Toy boy George and fridge monster Daisy.
Hubby thought i'd lost the plot LOL
Sorry for the loss of your babies Brenda it is such a sad time.
We lost one of our cats Robin to kidney failure a year ago.
He was only 3 and it was like losing a family member.
Can't wait to see more pictures of Holly :)

mckinkle said...


Having wiped away the tears what can I have the most wonderful furry family here.
You've captured them so beautifully and Im still sniggering at that little scamp Daisy in the fridge!! That is priceless!
I can imagine how much love and affection you get from them and give them in return and I know first hand how they much they all mean to you!

Thanks for sharing Ive thoroughly enjoyed seeing them all!
Keryn x

Bad Kitty said...

So cute!
I have four cats, one dog, one turtle, one rabbit and one guinea pig.

Angela Dodson said...

what a wonderful bunch of furry friends you have there. My daughter is studying Animal Management at Bishop Burton College and would be in her element with your fabulous animals. She has to stick to small furries at home, so we have 1 Hamster, 3 gerbils and 2 guinea pigs, but her thoughts lie with animal welfare and I'm pretty sure she will adopt animals in need when she has her own place :)


Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Love so much your furry friends!! All adorable!! Such a great family! :D

A Casa di Ale said...

OoooooHHHHh!!!!!! Un'altra paradiso terrestre.....hai dei cavalli bellissimi

Vee Cassidy said...

Oh I am quite welling up! What beautiful, gorgeous friends. Vee xx