Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Not exactly craft

I know it's not crafty, I did do some challenge work this afternoon honest, but as yet not typed anything up ready to post, so instead some piccies I took this evening of my baby Heskey ........ yes, he was named after Emile, he was one of my hero's when he was a red and he's still showing his worth since he broke back into the England squad.

Anyway, my Heskey has always been inquisitive and he's not improving with age, think he'll always be a big baby, big being the operative word. Today he decided he might be the next David Bailey ........ he started with a cursory glance, got closer and closer until I had to move the camera double quick. Bless him !!


Lisa said...

Hi Brenda, Heskey is such a handsome boy!

Lisa x

Mel said...

He's gorgeous. I so miss riding. what a joy to be around horses. Lovely, thanks for sharing. Melx

Unknown said...

I love your hesky ( not sure who the other one it) but the horse is lovely and it's nice to put something a bit different on the blog now n then the blog is for you and if others come and want to look that's a bonus!

Love Dawn xx

Deanne said...

aw gorgeous it must be so exciting to have a horse :) he's beautiful :) x

Zoechaos said...

He is beautiful, so miss being around horses but they do need time..... enjoy him.

Gez Butterworth said...

He is truly beautiful. :-D

I can imagine his nose being all soft & velvety! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love reading your comments. Gez.xx