Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Another Froggy award

I have an award from Mel and she even offered me a choice, how cool is that. So I have opted for the froggie as have a bit of a theme going on here thanks to Jem who sent me a froggy award after the demise of one Mr Froggy in her garden. Mind you, looking at Mels piccy I'm not overly worried the species is under threat of extinction. Not sure about the protocol here, may need to do the right thing and pass it on so will have to check it out.


Anonymous said...

he he! Congrats on your froggy award twice!! Or maybe more times looking at the frogs!!!

Unknown said...

I like this one better than the dead frog! lol

Love Dawn xx

Silli said...

This is a cute awardimage...*LOL*... Brenda, I wish you a happy day! Hugs and smiles!