Wednesday 20 May 2009

Awards going onwards

Oh my goodness, I never realised how hard this would be - Nilla did warn me when she passed them on that it's difficult making choices - and there's me thinking this blogging business was fun !! My cards today might be distressed but I'm definitely stressed. Thought I'd got it all sussed then blogger went AWAL, didn't save my draft so I started all over again.

So, I have to pass each award to five fellow blogger in gratitude of their support. Well this means I'd need to send it to all of you who visit me and leave lovely messages. Unfortunately the laws of blogland don't allow me to do that so to those of you who I can't pass this on to I send my love - not much consolation I know, but not my rules. And no, the apple blossom is not the award, it's just a piccy from the orchard, didn't seem right posting without one, but please feel free to lift it if you want.

The Blog Support Award goes to:

Gift of Love Award (the one with the teddy)

Debs -
Lisa -

The awards are in the post before this one, please lift them to your blog and display with pride. Again, many thanks Nilla.


Debs said...

Hi Brenda
Thank you so much hun - really has made a bad day sooooooooooo much better!!!
Take care
Debs xx

mueppi said...

Hello Brenda
thank you so much hun!
I am so very happy and that you thought it did to me!
I still wish you a beautiful Wednesday evening!
Big hugs Gisela

pinky said...

Ah thanks so much Brenda, its always a pleasure to comment on your blog.

Silli said...

Hello Brenda, you are so sweet. many thanks for this great award... Hugs and happy day!