Sunday, 6 June 2010

Wedding Day

Leaving the Church of St Gilles Croix da Vie

Well where do I start ? At the beginning I guess and share some pictures.....not the official ones, some taken by my daughter on her i phone, but they will give you a taste of it all.

We ended up doing the whole journey in one day........we had planned an overnight stop half way......... and from the minute we arrived Tuesday night it was a sort of week long party. The French certainly do make the most of weddings and the few days rest we planned did not not come to fruition quite as we anticipated. I am never a late one for bed, but 11.30 ended up the earliest night of the trip and rarely very sober at that !!

Posing outside the Church

The weather was pretty iffy the whole time and on the wedding day itself it rained solidly, but apparently that's good luck in France. None the less it was a wonderful day and all went by so quickly as they always do.

Real rose petal confetti

The Town Hall formality was fairly quick (and confusing for me as according to what I could make out I'm not married as he referred to me by my maiden name) and the Mayoree who did the marriage gave the couple along with the certificate of marriage, a map of the region, a fish cookery book and another book..........I never did fathom out exactly what that was all about.

But the Church service was lovely, even in French, the priest was a happy jovial type with a permanent smile and had an absolutely wonderful singing voice. And yes, tears from me at the end, I found it all so emotional. What with all that has been going on health wise lately I really thought I would never get to see the day and it just got to me. Real rose petal confetti in little bags for all guests and ages outside the Church which is right in the middle of the town square with crowds of locals and tourists watching on........all quite oblivious to the rain.

Mum and Son
(ignore the grey, all my boys went grey in their teens like myself)

The bride looked beautiful and elegant, white strapless dress and train, crystal tiara (my wedding gift to her) roses and orchids. All the men had orchid buttonholes and the floral arrangements everywhere had matching orchids........the largest I have ever set eyes on.

After the service we made our way back to the reception venue, a slow 45 minute journey to travel the 12 miles along the coastal road which in true French tradition all guests followed in convoy behind the bridal car, hooters blasting and ribbons flying - everyone is given ribbons and tulle to decorate their are going to love this......I managed to get some craft in spending our first afternoon in France with the bride and Maid of Honor playing with ribbons and tulle making huge bows with flowing ribbons for the cars. By the way, the Missing Maid of Honor dress never did turn up, so she wore a very pretty silk dress and instead of following the bride into Church, assisted the bridesmaids and bride from the 'wings'.

Crutch Problems
(but our girl did brill on just one, well hidden amongst her dress)

The French really embrace weddings to the full and as the convoy drove to the reception, people walking on the streets, cars passing the other way and those in houses all stop and wave and peep their hooters. All quite bizarre but lovely.

The cocktail reception lasted two hours, lost count of glasses, nibbles of oysters (yuk big time, could not bring myself to do it), scallops, foie gras and all sorts. The wedding breakfast started at 7.30 and went on till 11.30, lobster dressed with langoustines, sorbet made from rose champagne with cherries, guinea fowl with veggies, cheeses, chocolate cake, strawberry gateau and caramel got some of everything as they were all calorie free !!

Speeches were half way through and more tears I'm afraid. Unbeknown to hubby and I, our son had prepared his speech in English and French, having asked someone to help him prepare a French version which he delivered so confidently, despite speaking very limited French. One of the French guests complimented him saying he read it with such clarity that they understood him perfectly and everyone clapped. More tears.

Then the wedding cake which arrived in darkness with flares and fireworks - Crockenbouche which is the traditional French wedding cake - huge stack of caramelised profiteroles and a five tier take on our wedding cakes which the chef had never made before but wanted to have a go. That was on a spiral stand and was a mixture of sponge, chocolate etc.

The cakes
(they were huge, but hard to tell from the photo)

At midnight fireworks on the beach (still raining so watched from inside), then the dancing started until 4am.......are you still with me ? A bit of sleep, champagne breakfast then the Brunch which again was gorgeous and plentiful. And every day both before and after there was something arranged for lunch and evening meals and of course more wine and bubbles.

All smiling except one
(Missing my craft, one too many or just because they are all taller than me now ?)

So all in all a wonderful time. The happy couple are now driving down the French coast and round to Spain and due back next Thursday. The honeymoon proper in Barbados is November - when the surf is at it's best.


Helen said...

How lovely!! I adore the colour of the dresses, everyone looks stunning.
Thanks for sharing such a personal event with us all.

Zoechaos said...

Morning Brenda! It all sounds fabulous and the pictures show a very happy group of people having fun. Love your fascinater very pretty. By the sounds of it you need a week or two to recover from all the party.

Claire said...

Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics and memories of such a special day Brenda. Everything looks just perfect, you all scrubbed up beautifully and your fascinator is fab!
Claire xx

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Oh hun it looks just as lovely as you described glad you had great time

Emma xxx

Lisa said...

Hi Brenda, Wow such a beautiful wedding! The bride looked stunning and your son looked very dapper. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I think I would have been exhausted after all that excitement lol!

Thanks for sharing this with us and I wish the happy couple a wonderful life together.

Lisa x

debby4000 said...

Oh what a stunning wedding Brenda.

cheryl said...

morning swetie oh what beautiful pictures,hun,the bride just looked stunning so did the bridesmaides,so glad you wrote it all down as it really brought it all to life,as I could see all the people cheering,and piping there horns,and waving,just magical hun thanks so much for sharing,hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

just read every word and taken in all the pic, so wonderful , thanks for sharing your special family occation. The fun of blogging is a glimes of peoples lives being nosey like me.
Shame about the weather but my own wedding day was cold and windy but we a still very happy after 23years.

Nettie said...

Fantastic pictures Brenda. I love the colours, oh and your hat!! It's such a special time and I'm glad you had a really enjoyable time.x

Lorraine said...

wow wow wow you all look absolutely stunning and i am please it was a good day for the wedding xx

pinky said...

The colours of the bridesmaids are gorgeous and didn't the bride look gorgeous. The dress is like a fairytale. Your son is so handsome and have to say you clean up well girl even if you didn't smile lol.

Janette said...

Oh don't know where to start.....what a gorgeous wedding,no wonder you shed a tear or two,everyone looked beautiful,a memory to cherish always.xx

chris said...

Morning Brenda
Such beautiful photos cant wait to see the official ones, Had a little tear in my eye when I was reading this.
The photo at the end I think after what you tell me was maybe you squiffy!!

loved yesterday it was brill.
hugs chrisxx

Lynne K said...

Lovely pictures, Brenda. Everyone looked wonderful, and your hat was just perfect! What a marathon - you must have oodles of stamina! I'm so glad everything went well.

PS. Thanks for a fantastic day yesterday! xx

Beryl said...

A wonderful selection of photos Brenda. Thank you for sharing them with us. It sounds like you all had a fab time.
Beryl xx

Mummylade said...

looks like you had a fantastic time, everything is absolutely beautiful!

Jacee said...

How beautiful Brenda, the bride looks like a princess, the bridesmaids look stunning, the groom, well what can I say, a handsome chap indeed, you don't look bad either Brenda!! LOL LOL pleased it all went off like a dream.

Anonymous said...

The photo's look stunning Brenda, it must have been like a fairytale wedding, it's lovely to hear all the details from the day.
The bride looks absolutely gorgeous, that dress is beautiful, and everyone looks fantastic...
Thanks for sharing these special pictures with us all...

Unknown said...

Hi Bren this looks like it was a fabby day you must be so happy, glad you managed the trip (with yr heath etc) you must be so SO tired though lol I hope it all goes well in the future for them (sure it will) How lovely to have a French DIL in so many ways although are they going to live in France (you will miss son so much won't you) however great excuse to go and see the markest and make your self a guest lol glad you had a fab day

Love Dawn xx

There is an award at min for you too!

Tracy said...

Hi Brenda,
Everyone looks so fine and elegant, beautiful photo's and it looks like a wedding to remember for a long time to come. So glad it all went well.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing the photos and experience with us.


Unknown said...

Looks like you had an absolutely fabulous time, a different experience. Lovely photos, lovely memories. Thanks for sharing. xx

Kari said...

Oh,what a beautiful bride and I just LOVE weddings! :o)
Thank you for sharing!
Have a great evening! :o)

Hugs,Kari :)

Lynda said...

You've so captured the essence of the day Brenda. The photo's are beautiful - what a lovely family you have. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Love Lynda xxx

Silli said... many beautiful pictures! Thanks for the bride...;-)

Lisa Jane said...

What beautful pictures -everyone looked so happy and the dresses and flowers are gorgeous.
You looked fab - and your fascinator looked the business!!!
Thanks for sharing .. can't wait to see the official pics .
Lisa ;)

Linby said...

What a lovely post - thanks for sharing. The Bride looked gorgeous and I love your fascinator.

Linapyssel said...

Thank you Brenda for letting us all in, to see the beautiful Bride and Groom, very cute the pair of them!!!

Lovelly pictures in this post it really shows how good of a time you had!
Love the picture with you in your gorgeous hat!!!
Many many hugs Lina

Fleur said...

Brenda, it looks truly beautiful, you all look like you had a great time. You must be very proud, you deserve to be.
Hugz Fleur xXx

Jackie said...

The photos are lovely Brenda and everyone just look so beautiful :)

Kirsten...x said...

Wow B the french sure do know how to celebrate, the photos are great everyone looks stunning...x

Hugs kirsten...x

Dotty Jo said...

Always a sucker for a few wedding pics - thanks for sharing, I loved 'em! Jo x

mckinkle said...

What super wedding pics Brenda, so lovely to see all of the beautiful colours and petals and the stunningly gorgeous bride and groom! That silver fox look is quite a thing!!

So lovely of you to share this all with us, you were so very good to only just those couple of times, I can usually blub all through a wedding service and thats not even a daugter/son's wedding!!


Keryn x

ps your fascinator looked 'proper' gorgeous girl!

lisa said...

Thank you for sharing your memories and photos of what looked and sounded like a very wonderful day. They make a very beautiful couple and it's compulsory to have tears at a Wedding, whose ever it is!!!! You must be a very proud Mum.
Glad you got back safe and sound.
Hugs Lisax

Nikbee said...

What wonderful photos. The dresses are gorgeous and the bride looks stunning. I'm so glad you all had such a fabulous time.
Nikki x

Rufus said...

Wow, what a fabulous time you had! Although you must be totally exhausted! Everything was so very pretty. Thanks for sharing it with us. Almost felt as if I'd been there.

Desire Fourie said...

What a romantic wedding. Love the warmth of the red. Congratulations ... now one can just sit back and wait for the grand bambinos to make their appearance ... ha ha ha

Sadilla said...

thanks so much for sharing such a special day... congratulations, looks so romantic....

Crafting Diva said...

Hi thank you so much for visting my blog and leaving me a comment it was very kind of you. Stunning photos!!! hugs lisa

Juls said...

thank you for sharing your piccys!! it looks like it was such a beautiful day, full of treasured memories! Hugs Juls

Claire Phillips said...

Thanks for sharing Brenda - what a fabulous Wedding, and such a happy couple -Wonderful! Cheers Claire x

Mandy said...

Hi Brenda,
Gorgeous pictures,everyone looks lovely...So pleased you have a great time...Here's to a long and happy marriage for the happy couple...
Mandy xx

Kate said...

It all looks and sounds like a wonderful wedding.

** Kate **

PatR said...

Brenda thank you so much for sharing some pics of the Wedding with us. Looks and sounds like you had a marvellous time.
Pta xx

Sarah xx said...

Thanks for letting us see the pics Brenda, it looks and sounds absolutely wonderful!! And so nice to sneak a glimpse of you too - wondered what you looked like? xx

Debs said...

WOW Brenda..looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time!!..thanks for sharing your piccies...Debs x

Sarah said...

Wow thank you for sharing your pics, looks like a great time was had by all xxx

Lesley Edmonds said...

Oooo Brenda what a very happy day for your all. I do so love the way the french 'do' things! I'm a francofile at heart lol!

Everyone looks so gorgeous - especially the groom's Mum (wink)!

Lesley x

Nannieflash said...

Hi Brenda, yes I did miss this post, but by gum you all look so gorgeous and you must have had one of a hangover after all those lovely things being smothered in some drink or another. You look fabulous and your son very handsome, and your new daughter in law beautiful. Im so glad it went well, even though the weather wasnt at its best, you would never know from the photos. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

Merry said...

Oh wow....what a fantastic way to celebrate a marriage. I just may encourage my kids to visit France. :-) What beautiful dresses...bride and bridemaids. Smiled about the grey hair as the same has happened in our family. Much to the non-delight of my little brother, 13 years younger is often mistaken to be closer in age. Love your outfit too and the headpiece. Congrats to all and thanks for sharing the photos.