Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Artwork theft and Royal Mail updates

Were' watching................

Well it pouring with rain so all I am going to say is Morning to you all and miss out the good.

A few things to say and share, first of all I am so grateful to everyone for their message of support over the 'incident' in my last post, so many of you left comments and I received lots of many mails as well. I think we are all pretty united in our views over this one. 

I did mail the culprit on Monday to offer her the opportunity to explain herself but am not too surprised that she has not bothered to reply to me, although I do detect a slight 'tidy up' of her blog and a few posts have gone missing. 

I know the majority of you have asked me to name and shame so you can protect your own work and of course I also believe this is the best policy, but checking on all the implications I'm afraid this is not really an option due to...........and I am really sad to say this..............I design for one of the same companies as her and the fallout could be unpleasant. For avoidance of doubt, I don't mean any of the challenges I am on, all my teamies on those are lovely peeps.

I am awaiting further developments to decide on any action required going forward, but I will of course keep you all posted in due course.

Now on to my other burning issue, one wonders if I will get time to craft this week, the Royal Mail and postal service.

Needless to say because I am unable to send them the packets in question.............all explained here rather that go over it all again..............they can't help me any further. But and this speaks multitudes, they have assured me they have requested the scales at our local PO are checked for accuracy as it does appear there is a problem. They said it, I knew it.

And.......................my lost October package of Stamp Addict samples for TV has now been found. No coincidence there, but I bet it would have been lost forever if I'd not kicked up a fuss. Mind you they could not even get that bit right, despite having Stamps Addicts address clearly on the  front in large bold type, they returned it to me.......my addy being in small print at the bottom of the label. 

I'll bring them along to Stamperama Sarah, better late than never as they say.


Helen said...

I hope the 'culprit' is well and truly ashamed of herself....
Good to hear that Royal Mail are doing something about your complaint, hope you don't have any more problems in future.
I am going to Stamperama too, hope to bump into you (mind, I wouldn't recognise you or you me...!)

Sheetal Ahlawat said...

It's no surprise to me that SHE has not answered to your mail. What has she got to say? She is not going to appologise, the cleaning of her blog shows that she is clearing her tracks. It is really very upsetting. She works with you on the same team ( if I have understood correctly) and steals your work! Horrible person.
Royal mail can be a pain in the ........ I have not recived so many packets of craft items that now I have decided to shop only at our hobby craft store.

Unknown said...

How shocking that she works for the same company as you do!!! I hope she is as Helen said, well and truly ashamed of herself.
At least something good has come out of the RM complaint - if they actually do what they say!!!!
Dawn xx

ribenaruby said...

Hi Brenda, I'm so glad I'm able to leave acomment today, what an awful time you've had and it's a shame your hands are tied with this copy theft saga. You're a brilliant trooper for persevering in the right direction, wishing you all the best! Ruby x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there B. yes we all do feel the same but sadly the culprit probably has only tidied up temporarily!
It is shame you are unable to name and shame them - as that is what keeps them going I guess?
I am glad:
1. scales are being seen to!! and 2. the missing parcel has been found!
Trust you are on the improve - pray so, love Shaz in a very wet Oz.x

Paula (PEP) said...

Not an easy situation for you at all. I can only shudder & sympathise with your predicament. Glad your samples turned up at last. Hope you manage to get some crafting in too.
Take care of yourself midst the "whirlwind."
Paula (PEP)

Unknown said...

Gosh I am sorry this has happened But I think your doing the right thing by NOT naming the person concerned. It's a shame this has happened repeatedly.Use your heart in this matter and you won't go far wrong, you have a lovely way with things and I do hope you won't let this experience make you bitter in any way Love to you and your sweet heart Dawn xx

l00pyscraftcreations said...

Oh dear hun, you are having a rough time of it lately, xx really feel for you, xx

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

I dispair of royal mail and my hubby has worked for them for 24 years. When I have to ring them for a parcel that can't be delivered it takes at least 20mins for the idiot that works in the collection to answer the phone. My old postie who was excellent,even bringing big tubes of paper on his bike,to save me waiting for a van,has now left. The post is now very erratic with a young lad...wait for...delivering in a top of the range Range Rover...I told him ,now I've seen it all.
It's not the fault of the workers more the management or lack of it!
I told my hubby about your experiences.
About the copy cat craft...what a sad person...that is low.
takecare and keep smiling.janex

Fliss said...

Glad to hear your Royal Mail missing parcel appeared Brenda and that's exactly what happened to me with my daughter's pillow which is why I suspected an RM member of staff was the culprit.
My poor postie here has been complaining as he now has a trolley rather than his bike, his round has increased in size and it takes longer with the trolley. He said someone high up in management took the stupid decision having not done a round in his life.
It seems to me that the management should do a round for a week to see what a postie's life is like!
Hugs, Fliss xx

chillin with Quillin said...

sorry what your going through, and hope it gets straightened out, glad you got your parcel back, keep crafting!!!!

Esther said...

Oh B - sorry to hear of this, I've been poorly and am having a blog catch up and hadn't seen the original post. It's so sad that someone hasn't enough confidence and enjoyment of her own work and has to use others and it's down right despicable that she's entering challenges with stolen work ! I really hope this gets resolved and how doubley awful for you it's someone on one of the same Design teams...I think not naming is the right thing at the moment but do believe you should consider it if she carries on, it's not like she's not had enough warning !

Glad the post office thing is making progress even if it is only a little and hurrah your cards turned up ! Hope your week gets better...Esther xxx

Scrumplescrunch said...

She should be kicked off the DT if you are all aware of what she is doing B,I cannot understand why the culprit is always protected when incidents like this occur. I take my hat off to you for not just speaking out but also for being persistent with RM.

Craftnut said...

Might see you at Stamperama. Tracy x

Mandy G said...

Hi Terminator,
you really have deserved this nickname after your blogs lately, I cannot believe someone would steal your work, well I can, because you are beyond talented, but what really makes steam come out of my head is the fact she entered and won a competition grrrrrrr.
Reading your blog lately is like watching Eastenders its all happening with you , I am so pleased you are standing your ground you Rock :)

cheryl said...

hi Hun so glad you are standing your ground Hun and things are getting somewhere with your post too,stay strong Hun your work is just amazing and someone stealing it,is just not on how dare they you are so talented Hun and I am keeping things crossed this gets sorted out for you Hun Hugs cherylxxxxx

Kat said...

Hope this stealing peoples work situation gets resolved soon. I tend to agree with some of the others that the tidying up of her blog might just be temporary!

As for your Royal Mail problems I have a sneaking suspicion that they are trying to blame the Post Office by saying your local Post Office has faulty scales. At least they look as if they're doing something! I can't help agreeing with some of the other comments that it's the management that's at fault. I think our posties do a great job in often difficult circumstances but management, as in most industries, don't help.

Take care,

Kat xx

Jennifer said...

I am glad that things are starting to resolve themselves!

Stamps and Paper said...

I agree with some of the other commenters that your design thief might just have cleaned her blog up for now....but I still think its a shame she can't be exposed.
On a good note so pleased your samples have eventually turned up....this is all stress you can do without


Vicky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mckinkle said...


I couldnt agree more Brenda with regard to naming the rogue - I really dont think it would be worth it in the long run - besides, you ARE the better person.

Im getting quite neurotic about posting what I consider to be thin cards now so I will get them checked at the PO as luckily, so far and fingers crossed.... Ive been lucky with everything that Ive sent.

Keryn x

Crafty Loops said...

Oh my giddy aunt, I cannot believe that box of cards mysteriously turned up! Sorry to hear youve had problems with craft creation theft Brenda. I honestly dont know how someone thinks they can get away with this type of thing. Particularly with your work, as your blog is so popular if it wasnt you who'd catch her out, someone in blogland would. Im sorry to hear that this woman has also won prizes with your work. It really is so disgraceful. Its that type of thing that makes some bloggers reluctant to share their work. I hope this person is removed from the Design Team. Lee x

Anonymous said...

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Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Brenda, I am so sorry to hear what you have been through. We all look at blogs and C&C to gain ideas but that is one thing but doing what this person has done is certainly not on at all. It sounds like there was a pang of guilt as they've done some housework on their blog and hopefully the issue may be finished with. Fingers crossed.

It's amazing how kicking up a fuss has made your samples from October appear. Hopefully me might get to see them at Stamperama.

Best wishes, Kym xxx

Clare said...

Well Brenda you must be a better person than me hun that's all I can say. That woman should be kicked off any DT for what she is doing. She knows what she is doing as she would not have cleaned up her blog. Te thing is though she is likely to target other people. I understand the situation you are in but it is a big worry to blogger's out there incase she does indeed decide to target other's while we are oblivious through not knowing who she is. I am totally disgusted that she is profiting by entering others work into competitions and winning. Just hope that she can live with herself. Brenda you are a true trooper and feel so bad that you are going through this. Big big hugs to you matey. Love Clare xxx

Toulouse said...

It really is a sad world we live in Brenda. The person in question would do well to become an MP (lib con), they have no honour or decency either! I quite understand why you don't feel able to name and shame her... this time. I'm glad that you are getting somwhere with the post office. My daughters school reports were being posted with a 'Correct postage PAID' stamp all over the envelope as they too must be using dodgy PO scales.. I do not think it is a co-incidence at all.. but then I do love Piroit and Miss Marple!

Anonymous said...

Spot on Toulouse31. It's a sad world indeed, where one person can bravely hide behind a monitor to fling false accusations around without a single shred of proof, and that several people can come along and demand that the 'tried, convicted and sentenced perpetrator' be ostracised from blogger, again with no proof that she has done anything wrong.