Wednesday 1 July 2009

Thank folks

People are so kind, not only have lots of you been visiting me and leaving lovely comments the last week or so whilst I've been poorly, you give me awards as well ........ even though I've been a real bad blogger and still trying to catch up and get round you all. I do think I've got to most of your now, but If I haven't then I am sorry, but I'll be there soon.
Now I know there's protocol here and I need to do certain things, the Honest Scrap award from Clare requires me to "List ten honest things about yourself" - grief, dirty washings all coming out now ........ and I need to pass it on. Then there's the pink one from Shirley, just need to pass that one along and finally this ones a lot easier from Lisa, it's just for me from her garden, my favourite flowers - lilies and wow, what beautiful colours they are. I shall be dealing with the passing on ........ and the honesty bit ........ guess number ones got to be "Spend too much on craft essentials" - yes, those promarkers should arrive from JS today ....... head down when I say very quietly all 92 of them ......... I know I've got no willpower, ah there's number two from that list.

While I remember, several people have asked how much was raised from the MS card sale at the weekend. Truth is they haven't let me know yet, but it was a big event with lots of MS branches involved so may be they have yet to tie up all the loose ends.


Nannieflash said...

Morning Brenda, you so deserve the award and Im glad you liked it. I dont blame you for going for all the markers, you always need the one you didnt buy, so I always buy the lot its a lot easier. I do so hope that you are now feeling a lot better, and thank you for your advice and chat about my daughter, I hope that she does improve, but I shall see when I go to visit on the 25th so I will let you know what I think after that. With love and hugs and enjoy your goodies, Shirleyxxxx

Sarah C said...

Congrats on these awards