Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Glimmer Mist tutorial - stenciling

It's taken me a week or so, but as promised I have now completed the second part of the Glimmer Mist tutorial, this time focusing on using stencils to obtain some wonderful effects. Using stencils along with GM's the options are endless, you can use your finished piece as the focal point of your card or project, or continue to build on it until you are satisfied with the end product as in reality you can't really go wrong.

Selecting cardstock: Different colours work and interact with the base card used and the same colour will produce totally different finishes on different card colours and surfaces. For example, used on a coated cardstock GM's will sit on the surface and blend together more than they do on an absorbent card, so always take this into account. I prefer to use a min 220gsm carstock as I find this produces a workable piece - anything lighter can buckle with the weight of the GM's

Your stencils: They are available ready made, but if you have a Cricut or similar die machine you can cut your own from acetate, much cheaper and options endless.

Working surface: As described on my previous tutorial here.

Getting Started: Decide on your colours, I find three are good, with two from the same family in a lighter and darker tone, plus a complimentary colour - in these samples I have used Timeless Lilac, Rum Raisin and Key Lime, plus the final spray of Pearl as explained in my previous tutorial.

1) Start by giving the whole piece a spray of your lightest colour and dabbing it all over with kitchen towel - in picture 1 the colour is barely evident, but it has softened the cardstock.

2) Lay on your stencils (pic 1)

3) Spray all over with your other two colours (pic 2).

4) Lift the stencils as quickly as possible (pic 3) Note: make sure you lay them on your work mat with the ink side uppermost - I will explain why later.

5) Spray all over with Pearl - dependent on the finish you want - spray when still wet and the colours will bleed into the stenciled areas, whereas if you leave it to dry first and the use the Pearl the merging of colours will be more subtle (pic 4).

Really its as simple as that !

Finally, you can maximise your GM's by laying carstock onto the still wet stencils - why I said to lay them wet side up when you lift them off. This gives a nice mottled impression of the stencil and works well over previously GM'd pieces - I tend to keep offcuts for this purpose - you can end up with some really gorgeous pieces.


  1. Hi Brenda. Thanks for yet another great tutorial. I've used GMs with masks but not with my stencils. I must give this a go.

    The grass didn't stop growing while we were away and was so wet it was difficult to get the mower through so it's not looking great at the minute. Still it's not really gardeneing weather so I've given up worrying about it!!!


  2. Brilliant tutorial hunny!! Sardinia is beautiful where abouts did you go! My other halfs parents and family are in a small town called UTA near Cagliari......

  3. thanx for the tutorial Brenda. Look fwd to giving it a go

    Love Dawn xx

  4. Hiya Brenda
    Great tutorials hun - you are so talented. Thanks for the kind wishes - been to the chiropractor today and things are a lot better than they were!! I have left a little something for you over on my blog.
    Debs xx

  5. Thanks for this! Now I just need to get some mists!

  6. Brenda you know the funny part is that we were in Cagliari the same very day we saw the cruise liner and I said to my other half that is was like the one my parents had been on the year before!! How funny I maybe even walked right past you! and didn't know! ARGH! te eeheheheee!! :0) I have joined to follow your blog hope thats ok :0)

  7. This looks like so much fun. What a wonderful blog you have glad you visited me so that I could find you. :-)

  8. Thanks for taking the time to post this very helpful tutorial Brenda.

    Lesley Xx

  9. another great tutorial hun I have not done that for ages,i love doing that for backgrounds on my atcs,love cheryl xxxx

  10. this is a great tutorial, Brenda! thanks for sharing! i have GMs as well as some of the ones from Luminarte, and i don't use them enough! i also LOVE that you use the wet stencils or masks to create new images - this is something i do a lot whenever i use stencils, or even with my die-cuts (i recycle the negative bits). a girl after my own heart! :)

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