Monday, 14 September 2009

Crafty surprises and Promarkers

Good morning everyone, I don't know where to start........not like me I know, but one of those occasions when I don't know which bit to tell you first, so better work through the weekend as it unfolded.

The Glimmer Mist journaling classes at Sir Stampalot went really well and all the girls had a great time creating really varied and different finished results. Totally unlike the normal classes as we literally took over the entire classroom - by that I mean floor and all where one lady spent the entire morning in a lovely messy array of glimmer mists and inks - she told me she was going for the "ultimate grunge look". And it was lovely to have Janice join in and create a stunning journal of a very special recent weekend for her and Andy........I can tell you no more ! But thank you both for another great time.

Moving on to Sunday.......goodness, so much to tell. Weeks ago Jules a blogging buddy who has become a real friend over the weeks and months told me all about her plans for a Festival weekend in Derbyshire where she was having a stall in one of the local shops to sell her cards. Fortunately she told me enough in snippets here and there to enable me to research the Festival which is basically a weekend where the village opens it's doors (literally in the case of many houses) to visiting artists and musicians.

So the seed was planted that we would travel to Derbyshire, visit the Festival and track down an unsuspecting Jules.......planned I might add right down to how I would "introduce" myself courtesy of grey Promarkers. I could relay what happened when we found her, but Jules has written such a wonderful account on her blog I would love you to visit her and read it first hand here as I don't think I could better her account of it all.

As Jules explained, we had an brilliant day and I want to say thank you so much to you and your family for your warm welcome to both myself and husband. Sad as it may seem, we don't go out a great deal other than family events, a meal here and there etc., one of the down sides of lots of animals plus working from home in that you always feel tied to the phone lines. And as a person who doesn't do 'relax' too well, to spend a day like yesterday made such a wonderful change and one we both thoroughly enjoyed.

The Festival was lovely, my husband bought me a beautiful monochrome piece of artwork from one of the visiting artists.......although yet to find a home for it to give it justice.......sounds like an excuse for a bit of decorating to me. Now it's roll on the NEC where Jules and I had already planned to meet least we will recognise each other now so can dispense with the need to wear a Penny Black stamp in our buttonholes !

And finally, guess what the Post Office delivered this morning.......yes, the new Promarkers, all 56 of them and not a grey in sight. Need to get seriously crafty now.


Jules said...

Hi Brenda

Oh what a great time we had didn't we!!

I am so pleased you both enjoyed the day as much as we did.

I can't wait for the NEC now so that you can tell me how to use all the lovely things I don't have a clue what to do with.

Brenda you lucky thing - even more ProMarkers to play with. Shame about there being no new greys though LOL!!

Take care matie (how many cups of expresso so far today?).

Love Jules xx

Unknown said...

How lucky are you to have the new Promarker colours? Not jealous at all..... MUCH!!! HAHA!


Lynda said...

Hi Brenda - sounds like a good time was had by all - glad you had a great weekend. Going to pop over to Jules blog to read more.

Love Lynda xxx

Tracy said...

Hi Brenda,
I'm really glad you had such a good time, can't wait to see what you do with your new colours.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Juls said...

cool!! glad you had a chance to spend time with Jules!!

Well spotted on the photo by the way!! Yes that was the nile..Hubby and I had a nile cruise in May was fab!!

pinky said...

What a crafty friendship, glad you two had a lovely day out. Where are you going to store all those yummy markers!!!

Nannieflash said...

oh Well Brenda it sounds though youve had a wonderful weekend and to find a special prize as well at the end of it. Im so glad it was fun and that you even met Jules, from her blog she had as much fun as you did. Well done with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

Christine said...

Hi Brenda sounds like you had one FANTASTIC day to remember cant think of anything nicer than 2 crafty friends talking about wot else but crafting...

big hugs to my new found friend Christine xx

Zoechaos said...

The surprise worked then :) clever you working it out and what a great thing to do! Reading both blogs know you all had fun.

More promarkers I'm still trying to collect the last lot and got a long way to go....

So glad 2 nice peeps had such a great time.

Sally H said...

Sounds like you and Jules had a great time! I am so jealous that you have all the new promarkers already. I only have 53 of the first lot, so I'm well behind! I own 4 greys...sad or what!!!

lisa said...

Hi Brenda. Your weekend sounds fantastic. How great to surprise your blogging friend like that.