Sunday, 17 April 2011

Why I love Spring

Clematis Montana

I thought I would share a few of the pictures I took yesterday when it was a lovely Spring day and the air full of heady scent from the beautiful blossoms around the garden.

These pictures sum up why I love this time of year so much.

Apple Blossom

Sophora Sun King

Viburnum Eskimo

Syringa Vulgaris (Lilac)

Choisya Ternata

More Montana Clematis

Potontilla Yellow Gem

Spirea Bridal Wreath

Harvey tree

(actually a Prunus, but it's been called the Harvery tree for years as our Palamino had a real taste for it when it was a young tree - amaging it survised really as he eat it to the ground several times)

Harvey a big boy standing at 16.1 hh

Kerria Japonica

Have a good Sunday everyone and hope you get some sunshine.


G Peplow said...

Oh! yes, happy days, love your photos, you've captured some fabulous flowers here. Harvey is pretty gorgeous too:0) xxx

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow Brenda ..thats why i love spring too.. i love those pics.. thanks for sharing
Lisa x

lisa said...

What a lovely stroll round your garden, Brenda. The Spring flowers are beautiful aren't they. I've just been outside this morning snapping some of mine in the early light, it's so soft and the petals are still dewy. I love the Viburnum Eskimo. I was on my way to buy one last week but was tempted by a new variety called Popcorn, it's just coming into flower now so I'll see if I made the right choice.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
hugs Lisax

Auntie Em said...

Your flowers are all so gorgeous! I can hardly wait to see our spring blossoms. It will be a good two months yet before I see lilac and apple blossoms. And your horse is a beautiful pet. At over 16 hands, he probably could reach almost any thing he wanted for munchies! :D
Thanks for sharing! You really brightened my morning! :)

Mervi said...

Thanks for these pictures, gorgeous flowers,
brings us hope, we still have snow here, but just a little. Not any tulips yet, but i saw the first butterfly yesterday,-))m

Helen said...

What lovely photos, so glad you got to enjoy some spring sunshine in the garden!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful, you must have a lovely large garden. I love the small clematis I have a few in my garden,but don't have much room for a lot of plants. Thank you for showing these lovely pictures. Dianne.

Nikbee said...

These are gorgeous. Seeing these pictures make me think about our wonderful garden at our house in England. The flowers should be out now.
Nikki x

Jackie said...

Beautiful photographs :)

Merry said...

Brenda these photos are all beautiful...thanks for sharing. Harvey is a lovely looking horse too.

Anonymous said...

An absolutely gorgeous photos and flowers! What a magnificent garden you must have!

Thanks for sharing, so pretty!

mckinkle said...

What a beautiful array of gorgeous spring blooms Brenda. I can certainly see why it is a special season for you with such beautiful flowers and shrubs you have.
Keryn x

chillin with Quillin said...

really Beautiful flowers, I could gaze at them all day!

Sarah said...

Beautiful pics, can't believe you have all those blooms in your garden at the moment x

Nannieflash said...

Hi Brenda wow those are gorgeous photos my garden isnt quite as forward as yours but the Tulip tree is just going over as is the Camellia. Beautiful they were and it looks as if Im in for a bumper year of clematus, lilac and laburnam lots of flower heads on all of them. with hugs Shirleyxxxx

Sarah xx said...

Stunning photos Brenda, it must be lovely to wander round and see all your lovely flowers in bloom? Hugs to all , especially Bernie xxx

Tracy said...

Hi brenda,
Wonderful and beautiful blooms, your garden must be so gorgeous. What a handsome horse too.

We have just bought two new Clamatis today and put them in. We are having to put little fences around anything we are putting in the garden this year as our dogs eat everything in sight, if they can't eat they dig it up.

Happy crafting
Tracy x

PatR said...

Brenda thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos with us. xxx

Rufus said...

Your gardens must be gorgeous, since the pictures certainly are! Harvey is rather handsome, himself!

Lesley Edmonds said...

Ahh Spring - the perfect season in my eyes. Thank you for sharing these beautiful flowers.
Hope you are are ok and coping.
Lesley x

Annette said...

I saw this post in my google reader and had to pop along for a closer look. I love your photos and I agree it is a lovely season for flowers. I have some of these in my garden, but I especially like the last one (Kerria Japonica) which I call 'yellow pom pom bush. I have a few of them as I love them so much, really bright yellow pompoms of flowers that really say that Spring has sprung. Thanks for sharing your pics. Annette xx

Lau W said...

SUperb shot of spring, wow, i love this season !

Kat said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your gorgeous flowers Brenda. Here in Aberdeenshire we've still got lots of daffodils and some other bulbs in our garden but nothing as gorgeous as these! Probably if we had the dogs would eat them anyway!

Kat xx

Paula (PEP) said...

Your Palamino is very handsome - his colour tremendous. Absolutely gorgeous flowers & bushes - the scent must be amazing. Our red Acer is almost in full leaf & the Rhododendron I cut back severely when we moved here 4 years ago looks like it might flower finally this year. Your Clematis looks an amazing combination of colours & I can imagine the lilac will attract the butterflies & bees. Thanks for a delightful reminder of Spring.
Paula (PEP)

Elizabeth Allan said...

Gorgeous flowers Brenda. Just what I needed to brighten my day!!

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

I'm with you Brenda , the Spring flowers and blossom such a joy, for me it's more time out doors and less in my craftroom. Beautiful pictures, Harvey is such a handsom horse you could forgive him anything.
hope you are feeling ok, my spirits are lifted but still have a nasty cold.


Beautiful photos Brenda - thank you for sharing. Spring is such a lovely time of year isn't it. Thanks for popping by today - I really appreciate it. Take care - hugs, Sylvia xxx

Shazza said...

lovely pictures x

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures. :)