Monday 30 March 2009

Even more flutterbys

Here are some more of my flutterby creations. I invariably stamp the image onto vellum as it takes on it's own shape as it dries and no two are the same. Fantasy Film also works well, although it tends to stay flatter as it dries. I always use Art Institute dries clear glue with the exception of when I want a white finish when I use the dries white version and crystal glitter. I experimented for ages to get a white finish as there is not a 'white' glitter which in my view actually looks white when it's dry. Dries white and crystal glitter does look white when dry as you can see in a couple of the black and white samples here.

Glitter used on all is ultrafine. I tend to stick with four or five favourite stamps which give me an outline that I feel happy with. These are Penny Black 3819D (butterflies with spots) Creative Expression HH269F (large one) Penny Black 3864F (side angle butterfly), Creative Stamping HH1106B (tiny one with central spot). The dragonfly is an unmounted stamp and I'm afraid I don't know the source. All are stamped and glittered twice, joined together with silicone and the anteni made from wire and inserted between the two layers.


Unknown said...

Nice Stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful job, thanks for the tut, and taking the time.

Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Lovely butterflies, I too like to do these, and you can get the white glitter from Stampin'Up, it is called dazzling diamonds on pg 84 - Good Luck!

AnyOldCraft said...

These are beautiful.
Will have to give some of these a try :)