Thursday, 17 December 2009

Putting the record straight

I have always enjoyed my activities in blogland and been the first to say what a friendly place it was. I was therefore mortified to receive a mail from a blogger which has prompted me to do this post.

This is what they wrote, I will not name them, but they know who they are:


I have seen your rose tutorial and it is sad that you have copied the wonderful Tim Holtz and claimed his work as your own If you wanted to write it why didn't you say it was his work.

Lots of people have followed your tutorial and credited you with the idea which its not at all. I have always followed your blog and thought your work was original but now I wonder. I will not be following your blog any more."

Until last evening I was unaware of a few comments buzzing round blogland, but prompted by the mail and those comments I thought I should put the record straight. Apparently TH has also posted a rose tutorial, which I have just been directed towards and it seems mine and his versions are pretty much the same with the exception of a bit more distressing on his part, as we would expect.

My tutorial was posted on 8th December, Tim's on 12th December, presumably those making the comments and the person who mailed me failed to notice this. And I can confirm my crystal ball is not that reliable.

I have been making my version of paper roses for some months and demonstrated them at Sir Stampalot and Coleman's on at least three occasions in recent months, but as with all things crafty, everybody's version is different and there are no patents.

I am being totally honest when I say that I had absolutely no idea TH had a rose tutorial until it was pointed out to me on my blog. Had I done so and copied it as is suggested on several posts in blogland over the last couple of days, then I would have been happy to credit it to him. But given my tutorial was posted four days before his, this would have not been possible. Moreover I could have saved myself hours of making roses, taking pictures and writing up the tutorial, something I had been promising for a couple of weeks but delayed due to an eye op.

The whole reason I did my tutorial was to help others who had asked how I made me this is what crafting is all about........sharing ideas and passing on new found I repeatedly say, we all draw inspiration from each other and crafting is a continual learning curve.


scotspanda said...

Hi brenda

What a sad day it is when you can't post something to help others without other people accusing you of plagerism!! I am sure the loss of this particular follower is no loss at all and the rest of us are very grateful to you for this tutorial :o) Maybe this person will get a life sometime soon


Amanda xxxx

Fleur said...
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Fleur said...

Hi Brenda - Some people obviously have nothing better to do than nit-pick. Like you say craft is always about gaining inspiration from others and sharing this knowledge. I think your work is wonderful & where would any of us be if we couldn't share. Perhaps you could accuse Tim of copy you!!!!
Take care & carry on as you are - Hugs Fleur xXx

Anonymous said...

Aw Brenda Hun that really sucks!

I am so sorry to hear. We all know we have seen your lovely roses of numerous projects for moonths now, thus promoted the tutorial! So we all know these are your creations.

How dare someone be so mean to you when you are so gracious and loyal to other crafters out here (including me!)

We all appreaciate you so much, and don't want to see you get distress from 1 person who thinks they know it all when they clearly don't.

Like the Kitty Poster says: 'Hang in there baby!'

You have a lot of support around you!

Tracy said...

Hi Brenda,
DON'T take any notice love, I've been making these roses for a while now and I actually found the Tutorial on BTCG challenge blog if you remember, and thats going back a while. But when you start making these roses we all find our own way of doing them and personalising them. This person has no imagination of her own and is only sorry that she probably can't give the quality you do.
Take a deep breath love and then give her the victory V sign.
I loved your tutorial and didn't even know TH had done one.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Christine (All She Crafts) said...

First of all, Brenda.. AWESOME card! Love it!

Secondly, I think this person's response shows a level of naïvety, on a number of fronts. Tim Holtz is a major character in our world, and his work is unquestionably brilliant. I love it. But he's not a god. he must get his inspiration from somewhere, right? Now, I have seen at least two previous versions of this tutorial in blogland. I saved one to my favourites list several months ago, and I first saw this kind of floral punch art years ago.. I remember reading about a book on the subject. It's a technique, and you can't 'own' a technique, like using Copics is a technique.. There are umpteen 'flavours' of it. Anyway, most of us can probably work out how to construct a rose from our own imaginations, anyway.

At the end of the day, this person probably had decent motivations, but they have simply not thought things through properly. It would have been wiser to write and inform you about Tim Holtz's version, and ask you about it, giving you the opportunity to comment, rather than jumping in with both feet and accusing you without at least enquiring. Their actions reveal a lack of maturity, and perhaps they will gain wisdom from this situation.

I love your version of the roses, Brenda, and thank you for sharing it.

Chris xx

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Brenda you are a wonderful and sharing crafter , I and other love to see your creations, some folks should in the words of Father Ted " Get back in their box". janex

Lynne K said...

Hi Brenda, I can only agree with what everyone else has said. Keep up the good work, & have a wonderful Christmas. xx

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Brenda. How awful that people stoop so low as to upset and nit pick people who are obviously trying to do their best for others. We out here in blog/craft land, fully appreciate your time and effort to bring us this tutorial, and I for one thank you very much for your hard work.
They ought to get a life for goodness sake.
This is the Season of Goodwill.......where is theirs.
Keep up the good work Brenda, you are better off without them.
Thinking of you.
Happy Crafting.
Love Sandra xx

Anonymous said...

Morning Brenda, I hope this has not put you off, regardless of what the person said, I don't know why they are getting so upset. First of all, they did not do the tutorial, it was Tim, yes. And does it look like he's upset... I doubt it. You did it with the best intention's, and you never claimed that it was your own idea in the first place, you very kindly took the time to pass what you learned onto the people who asked.I have not seen Tim's tutorial and if I spent my day looking at everyone's blog I would never get any crafting done at all.
I have made a couple of tutorial's myself, and decided to share them with the people who know me and anyone who's interested, if we all worried about who's idea it was to begin with,there would be no point sharing our creation's.

Crafting is a wonderful hobby and has given me so much, and since finding blogland I have learned so much more because of the help and time from all you guy's, and in my opinion, we as crafter's do a lot to promote people like Tim's product's...

I am sure this has upset you a lot, but keep your chin up,

take care

Babs said...

Who cares what this person thinks, your blog is amazeing, and you give so much inspiration to all of us in blogland, so all i would say to her is "GET A LIFE" just keep coming up with the amazing things you do for your true friends & followers, who needs people like them anyway.
Have a good day.
Love Babs x

Anonymous said...

ps.... and someone must have shown Tim how to do it, so why should he get the credit, not that he was asking for it. Is this person Tim's personal spokesperson? I am sure not...
People should be carefull what they say, they are making accusation's on another person's behalf who may well think different...

Fliss said...

Hi Brenda, sorry to hear about your troubles. There are some not very nice people out there. I've been following Tim's tags and saw his roses but obviously saw yours first and your tutorial was great.
I think sometimes crafters get similar ideas and don't realise as it's happened to me before. I used to be a Craft Stamper contributor and on at least 2 occasions some one else pipped me to the post with an idea. It's just one of those things and it was unfortunate for you that the other person concerned was Sir Tim.
The person that left you that comment should at least have checked their facts before accusing you of pinching Tim's idea as everyone else has said.
We're all in support of you so hope it makes you feel a bit better.
Sending hugs, Fliss xxx

Jules said...

Oh Brenda

I cannot believe my eyes here!!

I have been seeing these wonderful roses on your projects for weeks, if not months now, and not once have you said "here is a flower I have invented".

In fact it is only us bloggers pestering you to know how to make them that sparked off the brilliant tutorial in the first place. You were just being your usual "caring and sharing" self.

Ignore this silly email from whoever she is - I am sure you won't miss her as a follower and as you can see from the comments here you have lots of friends and support.

But on a lighter note "Oh to be mentioned in the same sentence as TH"!!

Great card Brenda - love the roses!!

Actually before I go I will just mention that I didn't realise that TH had done a tutorial either.

Chin up Brenda

Love Jules xx

Sadilla said...

Hi dear
first of all: I love this your card!! :)
And secondo, it's so sad what you wrote... but I wanted you to know that I LOVE your blog, you always give me so much inspiration!!! ...Soma peaple don't have anything else to do taht watching at others... poor people!!

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Dear Brenda, you´re such a generous person, always sharing techniques and a great source of inspiration! Just ignore them whatever they say.

Take care,


Annie said...

Sorry to hear that this has happened - please don't let it stop you sharing as so many people benefit from ideas on blogs.

take care and big hugs.

Ann xxx

Tip Top said...

Take no notice! We all think you are fab and who is this Tim person anyway??!!!

Hearts Turned said...

Wow...some people are not very bright, are they?! So sorry this happened to you, Brenda! I know it makes you feel terrible--try to wipe it all away! We know this was your idea, and as you say, many can have a similar idea...creative minds think alike, right?!

I think you're just lovely, and so generous, and I hate thinking that someone made you feel bad. Let it go, keep creating all the beauty you create, and know that we all just think you're wonderful!

Hope you have a lovely happy!

craftymum said...

Goodness crafting is supposed to be a leisurely activity, not something to go to war with. Maybe, just maybe, Tim Holtz copied you!!!!!. Don't let peoples comments get you down. You still have a loyal following. Anyway with all this creativity going around we are all bound to do something similar to someone else at some time. Sometimes we can pick up someones tutorial and adjust it slightly which gives all of us even more options for our creative streak to grow.
There....I've finished now.
Love Sarah XXX

Nannieflash said...

Hi Brenda, I shouldnt let one person get to you, it doesnt matter who created the first tutorial as long as its easy to follow and yours certainly was. Perhaps the unhappy follower is friends with the great TH or just someone who enjoys hurting people, and yes she should have been more careful and looked at the dates of both postings, then perhaps she wouldnt have jumped to the obviously wrong conclusion. Take heart Brenda, there are some nasty people out there, but your true friends wouldnt deliberatly hurt you like that. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxx

Juls said...

Hi Brenda

I am really sorry to hear you have had such a horrible expierence! I hope that this doesn't put you off blogging and sharing your amazing inspiration!! I always love your creations..and personally I had no idea how to make those roses and was very appreciative of your generosity in sharing with us! Is so sad, especially when you put so much work in and were so unwell at the time!! sending big hugs!!! Julia

Lou said...

Hi!Oh B this is so not nice for you and my crafty heart is truly with you.x.You are a very talented girly and so kind to share your ideas with us all.Missed you today at Sirstamp,take care and have a truly lovely Christmas.Hug Lou.xx

Allyson said...

Oh Brenda, it just leaves you with a horrible taste in the mouth doesn't it. Just absorb all the good vibrations coming to you from your friends. I'm sure you're feeling better about it already. All I can say is how grateful I am for the inspiration I've got from reading your blog. Your generous spirit just shows through in all your postings, with every detail you give us about your work.

Have a hug, you deserve it.

Allyson xxx

Sally H said...

I am proud to say I didn't know how to make roses until you showed me how, Brenda. In my eyes you are the queen of roses! Don't take any notice of this idiotic comment and please carry on sharing your wonderful work and techniques with us. We love you very much!

lisa said...

Its such a shame that the few spoil good things for the rest isn't it Brenda. I hope you won't take these comments too much to heart, although I can tell you probably have. Like all your other commentors have said, no one ever claims ideas as soley their own, unless it actually is their own art work, obviously, but I thought the whole idea of blogland with us crafters is to share ideas and tell others what we've learn't along the way. I saw TH's roses too but it never crossed my mind that they were like yours. I've been admiring yours for so long and was so grateful for the clear tutorial you provided. I have also admired Tim's too but as other have said, he must have learn't it from someone and certainly isn't claiming any originality to his. Personally, knowing what a lovely person he is I think he would be sad to learn what people are saying on his behalf.
I hope this silly person will not put you off sharing your lovely techniques with the rest of us who are very appreciative of what you do.
Don't let them get you down!!!!!!

I love your card as always, Brenda, it's stunning.


Lisax (P.S. Have you got the snow yet, we've got a covering here in Yorkshire tonight, very seasonal!!)

Scrappymax said...

Hi Brenda, I have just seen your post and wanted to let you know that I am so sorry you have gone through this. I can't believe that some people can be so hurtful to others. Do not let them get to you, you are an inspiration to me and a lot of others.

I thoroughly enjoyed your tutorial and anyway from what I can see it was the big man himself that must have copied you, but at the end of the day all you did was make a fab tutorial to help others make these wonderful roses.

Keep your chin up and ignore this person's hurtful accusations you don't deserve it.

Luv MAX x

Kim x said...

Chin up B and keep blogging, I appreciate the inspiration, as do others as you can see by all the wonderful comments.
Lots of Love Kimx

Lynda said...

There are some mean and nasty people about - they should just bog off and leave the nice one's to get on and enjoy their craft. She obviously doesn't know how to share!

Take no notice Brenda you're loved by many.

Love Lynda xxx

Lynda said...

PS I think you should name and shame lol

Babs said...

yes good idea to name & shame, who knows how many of you have this person on your blog.

craftimamma said...

I can only ditto what the rest of my blog buddies have said Brenda. I have long wanted to know how to do these roses and like Sally, until I saw your brilliant tutorial I couldn't so I was thrilled when you shared your knowledge.

It must have taken you hours to do the tutorial and I am positive the vast majority (99%)of your blog friends really appreciate it.

Apart from the obvious nit picking, some people should be sure of their facts before they start throwing accusations around.

Most of the crafting community are generous, sharing, caring people so don't let the actions of one person upset you, they are not worth your consideration.

Lesley Xx

Debs said...

Oh Brenda
I can't believe that someone could stoop so low and offend you in such a way that you feel it necessary to justify yourself - it is shocking. I have always admired all your work and I have to confess to taking inspiration from you and many other lovely crafty bloggers over the past few months - but heck isn't that what it's all about!!! Some people obviously either have a serious jealous streak or they are greatly lacking in their own confidence. I know that it's easy to say but Brenda you really must not this person change you in any way - stay as you are - just perfect!
Enjoy your evening.
Take care
Debs xx

p.s Thank you for taking the time to share your talent. xx

Claire Phillips said...

Really disappointed to read this Brenda! Your cards is fabulous as are your roses.....Have to admit never even looked at Tim Holtz blog , but I always enjoy popping by yours! x

Mel said...

Dear Brenda, OMG i cannot believe some people !- i honestly can't. It makes me very angry to think that anyone could be so damned spiteful. Dont let the 'B' get you down, they obviously have no life and certainly have no love in it. They are quite obviously jealous of your natural abilities and your genuine love of creating and simply wanting to share your craft with like minded folk. I for one enjoy your work immensly and am very gratefull you squeeze in the time to make a tutorial for us and continually inspire us with your relentless zest for creating ! I don't know how you do it - but thank goodness you do. I am really sorry that you had to experience this awful person. Forget unfounded - its an extremely hurtful, upsetting and thoughtless act. Now then, are you quite sure you don't want to unleash us (your faithful blog friends) on this moron ?!!! LOVE You Mel XXX
P.S. we really really missed you at Sir Stampalot today. Speak soon Mel xxxxxxxxxxxx

PatR said...

Sorry to hear of your bad experience Brenda.These negative postings spoilt a well known forum do hope it's not gonna spread around blogland. So keep doin' what your doin' Brenda and ignore these petty people. I loved your tute as did so many others.
Hugs, Pat xx

chris said...

Oh Brenda I have just sent you an email and now i've seen this its just so awful. dont let them get you down your'e our 'inspiration girl'
Missed you today. loads of hugs chris xx

cheryl said...

firstly hun I want to tell you that you are a real inspiration to us all You were one of the first people I followed in blog land as you were kind and very supportive,and people like that are not worth bothering about,I did tims,tags but without you having posted your rose tutorial first I would not have had a clue how to do those roses,and it was your inspiration and others that has made me much stronger,This is my first xmas in blog land and I too have had a nasty comment,from the awful dectective blogger and realised they have nothing else better to do with there sad lives than to nit pick us that are kind,creative and sharing,please do not let this stop you hun as without you and all the other kind people out there I would not have a clue to what I am doing,with all my love and big hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

Linda W said...

Hi Brenda, don't take any notice of such people. You're work is an inspiration to us all and I for one will continue to follow your blog. Crafting is all about sharing ideas and how sad this person must be if they can't see this. Keep up the good work Brenda! Hugs, Linda.

stampinfrog said...

Brenda I am so glad you have shared your rose tutorial on your blog!I have admired your roses for along time... You are a big inspiration for me!Please keep up your fantastic creations and tutorials!
Your noel card is gorgeous!
Big cyber Hugs,Connie

Merry said...

Brenda I think some people have waaaaay to much time on their hands. Please keep your inspiration coming as I will still be following and love your creations.

PinksyDoodles said...

I am confused why you were sent this message. I have just looked at your fabulous tutorial again and you DO NOT claim this technique as your own idea. I, like many others, am grateful that you took the time and effort to prepare the tutorial to pass on your skills and knowledge. That's what teaching is about, if you could only teach something "original" then all the schools, colleges and universities would have to close down. We would never learn to read and write, etc, etc, etc, then were would we be?!!!
Big hugs, Clare x

Unknown said...

It must be so hard, but I understand why you had to comment about this. I can be honest and say I have seen very simalar versions of this rose on several blogs all claiming to be the one that thought of it.

And I am sure you did. I took some scallops and made flowers from them thought I was the fist and them came across at least 4 blogs that had thought of it too! we are crafters and I am sure at some point many of us find a tecqhneque and think I will share this (as most crafters do) and then low and behold another crafter has the same idea.

Please do not be at all upset I am sure this person has just thought unjustly you copied but we know you and love you, and know you would never do this, the time you have listed others when you have used or even been inspired by others so any one who knows you will know this.

Take it with a pinch of salt hunny.

Love Dawn xx

pinky said...

Good God Brenda, don't know how i missed this post but have come across it this morning and can't believe my eyes. Such utter crap, from an obviously disturbed person who obviously has not been an avid follower of yours or she would never has said such stupid things. You rock girl and one person out of so many is obviously having a bad day. Do not stop your brill tutorials, we need people like you in blogland. Big Hugs

debby4000 said...

I agree with every one here, please don't take this person too seriously. I love your creations and love how you took time out to show us how you make those gorgeous roses. Keep up the fabby work.

Christine said...

Hi Brenda wot a going on cant some peeps enjoy the craft without being nasty & overbearing???I agree with other peeps this person needs to get a life & not make mischeif in the crafting world of the look of your responses plenty agree your blog rocks & personaly find oodles of imspiration from cant call it copying just inspiring..

Big Hugs Christine xxxx

issy said...

Hi Brenda, Ive only just noticed this post, as I have not been on the blog for the last week or so. But I just wanted to give you my support. Please dont be put off by these negative comments.


Liz said...

Hi Brenda I have not been about as Ive been very busy but was upset to read this please don't take any notice these sort of folks are not worth it and keep up your lovely work
have a lovely Christmas too
Liz xx

Beryl said...

How awful for you Brenda to have such a rotten message left for you. I love your blog and am very grateful that you did the roses tutorial -even though I haven't got round to trying it yet. The thing is - even if your tutorial is similar to TH's or anyone elses in fact - I don't visit his blog so wouldn't have seen it.
Just imagine if every time someone shared something with some-one else on a blog, no-one else was allowed to pass it on or share anything remotely similar. It doesn't bare thinking about. The more people like you are prepared to share their knowledge with less talented folk like me the more we can all learn.
Beeryl xx

Lesley Edmonds said...

Good grief I'm moritifed that you should have received this mail! You are such an inspiration to so many people in blogland and we all copy and share ideas all the time - as you say - that is what crafting is all about although this tutorial was posted well before TH did his.

You keep going Brenda and keep up the tutorials - we lov 'em!
Lesley x

Zoechaos said...

Hi Brenda, not been around for a few days and missed all this nonsense. It is heart warming to read all the wonderful responses above you must be savorying each and everyone. New really new original ideas are few and far between, everything is inspired by something else and the flow of creativity is fed by that and each persons version is their own. You are one of the most creative and inspiring people in this fantastic art and craft movement that we are all part of. Probably your corrospandant has been inspired by you and has used some of your ideas in the past, and knowing you they will have been congratulated on the result. Quite apart from the fact that they are wrong because you preceeded TH with your tutorial, unless their work is all completely origional and unique the comment was hypocritical.
please do not stop your tutorials your caring sharing has done so much for so many of us. (((hugs))) and xxx of to catch up with the other wonders on your blog that have been missed these last few days.

LilyPuss Cards said...

Oh Brenda..I cant believe that someone could be so nasty...who cares who did them first...all I know is that your tutorial shows us less talented crafters how to do it, surely this is what blogland is about...the sharing of techniques and ideas. So hun..dont give this person a second thought..have a ((hug)) and I must thank you for all your lovely and encouraging comments you leave on my blog...have a fab christmas...

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,

I've just come across your blog via the Sir Stampalot Smudges Blog. First of all I think your cards are excellent. You are one very talented lady.

I read this post and all the comments with interest. Because of the nature of my job I am frequently involved in ensuring that 'intellectual property rights' (IPR) are protected and not infringed. I have yet to see your 'roses tutorial', but have seen TH's as I followed his 12 Tags posts. But as several of the other comments have stated there are plenty of tutorials in blogland on how to make paper roses. The person who wrote the comment on your blog obviously doesn't understand the law of IPR. TH never claimed the method or the design of making the roses as his own, neither have you. The person who left the comment on your blog ought to have checked the facts, before rushing into print.

Don't let them get to you. Jsut think of all the lovely people in blogland who obviously do care about you.

I don't have a blog, but have added your blog to my bookmarked blogs.

Daisy Chain said...

Hi Brenda.

There are some bitter jealous people around, and you're right we do all draw inspiration from each other. I saw your tutorial, and may I say what a fab job you did. The original idea may not have been yours, but the tutorial was. Go girl, and don't be out off by others who have clearly nothing better to do than bicker about who said what first.

Take comfort in the fact that there are many ideas in this world that people draw inspiration from, that's why we don't just have one unique vacuum cleaner, TV programme, automobile, rubber stamp, etc ,etc, I could go on, but you get the idea. And do they all give credit to the inventor, I don't think so. You did nothing wrong.

Don't let it get you down, you have lots of support from others, and to those who no longer wish to follow your blog....well it's their loss...but I bet they take a sneaky peak when no one's watching.

Take care

Hugs Debbie xx