Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Rose tutorial - at last

OK Guys, the rose tutorial at long last. Had the pictures done for ages, just been waiting for this eye to allow me to spend long enough on the computer to put it all together. But after showing so many lovely crafters how to make them at the weekend demo and now there are so many subtle hints popping up around blogland that me thinks I'd better get my act together, so here we go.................
The basic ingredients:

Six petal punch (1" used here)
Dries clear Art Institute glue
Iridescent embossing powder
Versamark inkpad
Tweezers (an absolute must unless you have endless patience)
Patterned or plain paper (see notes at bottom)Punch out three flowers for each rose. Brush versafine or other ink pad around the edges, dip into embossing powder and heat. Then crease each flower across the natural line between the petals so you can see six sections.
Following the crease lines, cut to the centre of one flower. Do the same on the second flower but cut one section out. Repeat on the third flower but cut out two sections (as one). You will then have five elements to make your rose.
Using the dries clear glue take the largest flower and overlap one petal onto the next at the cut section. Do the same with the next two graduating down in size, so you are left with five elements of 5,4,3,2,&1 petals.
When dry (allow a couple of minutes), using a pokey tool or cocktail stick curl each petal outwards. The single petal should be rolled into a funnel shape.

Cut the tips off the bottom of each section - don't worry about the hole in the bottom, this will be covered as you assemble your rose.

Using the same glue put a couple of 'blobs' onto the bottom of the four and three petaled sections, place the four petal onto into the largest, then the three petal section into the other two working down in size.
Next put some glue into the centre (the centre will now be the three petaled section) and arrange the two petal piece and finally the single petal - the roses are quite resilient, especially if you have embossed the edges so and you can push the pieces round until you are happy with the placements.
A few notes:
Double sided paper is best otherwise you will see a white middle petal - but you can always colour the reverse of the single centre section with an inkpad or other colour medium. I have tried all sorts of DP and find Daisy Bucket one of the very best as it is beautifully pliable, some DP can be stiff and will fold rather that curl. Good old copier paper also works very well.
The above rose is made from plain orange copier paper and heavily ebbossed with iridescent glitter. When making three roses, which I find the optimun number for a project, I like to make a couple from one side of the DP and one from the other to add contrast to the finished project.

You can also create your own pattered paper to match your card by stamping and embossing the cut out flowers before assembling into your rose. Vellum also works very well and can be stamped to add interest. Embossing the edges with clear embossing powder works wonderfully on dark colours and looks like dewdrops.
I made the roses above from plain cream copier paper, brushed beige and green brilliance inkpads round the edges and embossed with detail clear powder.

The roses below were made from a patterned DP, the edges embossed with crystal embossing powder and stamens added - mine are from a garden centre which sells florist and cake decorating accessories. Equally you could use gems or brads, placing them inside with silicone.
I hope this all makes sense and you can follow everything, but any questions please don't be afraid to mail me (link on my profile). Happy rose making and I'm expecting roses to be blooming all over blogland very soon.


  1. They look absolutely fab! I have tried to do them in grungepaper but got in a muddle, I will try using paper to get the hang of it with something thinner first, lol. Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh sweetie how kind of you to put this up wow are you super talented or what just adore those roses will have a go just hope mine turn out half as brilliant as yours have hugs cheryl sss the card is stunning too hugs cherylxxx

  3. Those are absolutely stunning, Brenda! I always love them on your cards--thanks for the tutorial! I will be making these soon! (Hope I'm patient enough!!!) Hope you're having a lovely day!

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Thank you for this brilliant tutorial. I hope mine turn out as good as yours!
    I absolutely love the yellow and green card - it is beautiful. The flower stamp has now been added to my wish list!
    I hope your eye is getting better.
    Clare x

  5. Hi Brenda - thanks for the tutorial, it will give me something to try out when I've finished my Christmas cards.....your cards are beautiful.


  6. I just love making these roses, but I still read your tutorial Brenda, and it's very good.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  7. Thank you so much for this brilliant tutorial Brenda. It's so easy to follow and the photos are great. Guess what I shall be doing tonight!!!!


  8. Fantastic Tutorial - will definitely be giving it a go.....I can see another suitable job in the offing for you at Polkadoodles. Cheers Claire x

  9. I think I might have a go tonight Brenda they are just so scrumptious. the tutorials great by the way.
    thank Eddie for helping me on saturday,both he and your grandaughter did a good job.
    see you soon love chris xx

  10. Gorgeous card, and GREAT Roses, Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. Fabulous tutorial, Brenda - almost as good as being there on Saturday! The yellow card is one of my favourites! Your mate Jules says I can't blame you for my spending habits!!!! I am so glad I went back for the punches though!

  12. Thanks for sharing Brenda - this fantastic. Love the beautiful flowers you create. I will definitely be having a go at this - you make it look easy - but I know it isn't. Thanks again. Hugs Cherry XXX

  13. What a great tutuorial Brenda and your roses look absolutely fabulous. I will definitely have to try that embossing on the edge. Your Green card also looks fantastic.
    Max x

  14. Thank you Brenda for a great tutorial, the roses are absolutely gorgeous. Glad to hear the demo day went well and I just love all the creations you have shown us. Oh and congrats on the DT.
    Love, Pat xx

  15. Splendid tutorial, Brenda! It's really helpful to have it there to refer to. I'd forgotten the bit about embossing the edges. If I can get mine to look half as good as yours I'll be happy.

    That card was one of my favourites at your demo. x

  16. Beautiful card and super tutorial:)

  17. Your roses and in fact all your cards featured are wonderful Brenda.

    Jill x

  18. OMG, this is fab! Love the roses, your card is beautiful Brenda! Big hugs...Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. What a fantastic tutorial, very clear instructions and photo's, thanks so much for taking time to share it with us, it is appreciated so much, must have a go soon.

  20. Thanks for sharing this Brenda, the roses are really lovely. I will definately be having a go at making some! Linda X

  21. Thankyou - thankyou - thankyou. I'll bookmark it tomorrow on the desktop. You are a star.
    Beryl xx

  22. Hi, Brenda! :o) Have seen the tutorial before, but you have taken it so much further!! Your examples are absolutely stunning! Simply glorious, and I think this is my favourite card from you so far. Oh, boy! Do I look forward to all the cards to come!

    Chris xx

  23. Hi Brenda

    A brilliant tutorial. Well done. I know you have been itching to finish and post it but your eye has held you back.

    I feel there are going to be hundreds and hundreds of roses popping up in blogland!!

    Thanks for sharing your hard work with us all.

    Love Jules xx

  24. Gorgeous card, its so beautiful and thank you for the fab tutorial.

  25. Stunning, gorgeous cards and flowers. Fab tutorial too. You're a real Gem.

    Love Lynda xxx

  26. Hi Brenda, Stunning card and a fab tutorial. I will definitely have a go but can't promise they will look anything like yours (i'm not good with instructions lol!).

    It certainly is a small world. Next time I am visiting my friend I will have to stop by to say hello!

    Lisa x

  27. Me again! there is something for you on my blog. Just wanted to know how much I value your blog. Don't worry if you are too busy to respond x

  28. Thankyou so much for taking the time (especially with your poorly eye) to give us this fantastic tutorial. It's very much appreciated.

    These roses are truly gorgeous as are the wonderful cards they adorn.

    Lesley Xx

  29. Fabulous tutorial Brenda, clear and precise. Well done and thank you with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  30. Isn't it easy when you know how? I will have to have a punch like this! (or similar) these look so fab! are these the same as the flowers on yr candle thay are amazing! Love this project too nice to see something none Christmas I am looking forward to doing all the Spring (wondering what stamps will be out too! ( I really haven't any room) but you know me I will have to make some more room some how ( there will be no room for cooking or eating it will be my craft room)

    Love Dawn xx

  31. wow!! your card is just gorgeous!! Love the fab summery colours! and thanks for the tutorial on the flowers! your amazing hon!! hugs Juls!!!

  32. wow! thank you for a fabulous tutorial and the pictures of your roses are just stunning.
    hugs, annie x

  33. they're beautiful roses, Brenda! saw that my sweet friend Chris gave us her version, using your tutorial, which is just like Tim's not sure if you were aware they're the same?

  34. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant - I have to give this a go. Thank you for sharing. JACKIE

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous tutorial. The flowers are stunning, and I feel totally inspired to "have a go"!!
    Love, Sylvia x

  36. Brenda - this tutorial is wonderful - it's so good to have step by step pictures...brilliant.
    Thank you so much. All your cards are gorgeous.
    I'm off now to have a go!!!
    Happy New Year.

  37. Oh wow! Thank you so much for this tutorial, it is very plain and simple (which is what I need)Your card is superb :o)
    Jackie xx

  38. Gorgeous, can't wait to try this!

  39. I've tried this for the first time and even a rough try looks really nice. Flowers can be really expensive to buy so I think I'll be trying to make some for real. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial.

    Kat x

  40. Those roses are beautiful!! Will have a try myself but first need to go shopping for a 6 petalled flower punch (oh what a shame a shopping trip coming on...) as I only have a 5 petal one!

    Thanks for the fab tutorial.

    Sarah x

  41. Wow, what a fab tutorial, I won't need to buy any roses ever again. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  42. What a simple way to grow roses :)

  43. Wow, you did a fantastic job on the tutorial..now I need to try this...thanks for sharing...beautiful roses!

  44. thanks for sharing can't wait to start

  45. Wouah!Lovely roses and great tutorial!Thank you so much

  46. Looks difficult for a beginner like me, but I think i´ll give it a try soon! :)

  47. I love roses. Thanks for the tutorial. I make quilled roses. They are fun to make too.

  48. You make it look so easy! I'll pick up a punch like that this week and give them a try!
    Thanks for such a wonderful tutorial!!


  49. These roses seem easy to do and look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  50. I came to this blog today just for your blog candy but happened to see your tutorials - I'm so glad I looked! This is a wonderful rose tutorial, filled with tips I hadn't thought of!! Thank you so much, I'm off to check out your work and more tutorials :)

  51. Here above put on different types of flower is looking very nice. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome tutorial. I really appreciate for your work. I like flower.

  52. This tutorial is brilliant... I am officially a fan of your blog...:)

  53. Hi Brenda!!!
    your technique of making roses is best, i am going to try it now.
    and the second thing is that your blog is awesome...
    best wishes.


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