Saturday, 11 February 2012

Paradise Isle

Hello Peeps, first off I must send a little message to those blog peeps I am hoping to meet at Stamperama tomorrow, hopefully our plans will fall into place, but we are very white here again and the roads decidedly dodgy, plus my legs are still MIA and I've had to pocket my pride and resort to to my wheelchair this past week so taking it all into account, will have to play it totally by ear come tomorrow.

Things have a habit of taking twice as long when my mobility goes out of the window and my mind is always half an hour ahead of my body, so I have been a bad, bad blogger this week and not helped by the fact my keyboard and mouse seem to have all but died on me and typing just a few words is taking forever...........would you believe I started typing this at 6am and now it's nearly eight, I've tried new batteries and all sorts and last night resorted to ordering a new one from Amazon.

So, better move on to tell you about Allsorts  where it's my turn to host the challenge where we are continuing with our Free and Easy February. And for my DT piece I thought an inky session was in order and have created a tropical scene using a collection of  Stampscapes images, Adirondack dye inks watermelon, cloudy blue and hazelnut, a little colouring with Copics and of course a masked moon with sponged sky and sea brayered with the Speedball.

I know lots of peeps think brayering is a bit of a scary pastime, but believe me it really is not and is the perfect way to make a fairly swift card. So if you've got a brayer collecting dust, get it out and have some fun..............and as I say at the top of my blog, just mail me if you need some help.

Have a good weekend and thank you so much for dropping by.    


  1. This is amazing again.. I love all of your creations, they are so detailed and effective..
    hugs kelly

  2. love this great tropical feeling card, wish I was in one of those cabins watching the flamingoes!!!

    Take it easy Brenda, and don't push yourself too far! No need to come visit me! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. This is awesome as usual. gorgeous image, looks like my ideal getaway. sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time this last little while. do hope that you start on an uphill one soon. hugs heid x

  4. Hi Brenda, this a yet again a very beautiful scene card, love the colours! Take it easy, best wishes. Ruby x

  5. What a stunning card and a beautiful scene you have created Brenda....Enjoy tomorrow


  6. I am not normally a fan of hot weather, but given how cold it's been this week, I'll take this today!! Take care of yourself and if you make it to Stevenage tomorrow, I hope to see you then!

  7. Brenda, I love this scene very much and brayering is marvelous. I use it very much, also on my last card. The flowers on this card our from my present from you. Thanks again.
    Lovely greet

  8. Oh my, what a syunning card, it is sooooooo beautiful :o)
    Jackie xx

  9. oh i love this card its so beautiful the way that you create these scapes is so stunning..lovely color combo as well!!

  10. Sorry to hear you are not doing too well, hope things improve. Have a lovely time at the show. Great card. Hugs Anesha

  11. So sorry to hear your legs are MIA - hope they come back soon :0)
    Love your card. Brayering really is something I must try to master some day and I will be sure to email you when I do!!
    Take care.
    Denise xx

  12. Another stunning card-I love this image!

  13. Wonderful card Brenda! Love the tropical feel and great colors! Hugs, Hanneke

  14. I love all of your creations!!!
    Maria Luisa

  15. oh wow Hun once again you have done it again with this stunning card just amazing hugs Cheryl xxxxxx

  16. Stunning card Brenda - great image.
    Sorry to hear things not too good on the health front - take good care.
    Debs xx

  17. Wow Brenda this is stunning. Wish we were there just now lol. We haven't had any snow just now, just frost and rain and wind. Usually frost and wind or rain and wind. Can't believe that the most snow we've had is very little weeks ago.

    Sorry to hear you're not too good healthwise this week. Hope you manage to get to Stamperama tomorrow.

    Isn't technology wonderful? I still haven't forgiven my laptop for the dead hard drive the other week. And some of my keys can be a bit dodgy especially 3 for some reason.

    Keep warm now and take care,

    Kat xx

  18. this is awesome, love the shading and coloring!!
    Hope you feel better soon !!

  19. Beautiful creation Brenda...

    have a lovely evening...big hugs Vicky xx

  20. Fabulous card, brenda. Oh to be somewhere like that just now instead of freezing here! Sorry to hear of your current trials & tribulations. Hope you'll soon be back to normal. Take care & keep warm,

    Lynne x

  21. Great card Brenda and lovely colours.
    x catherine

  22. A fantastic card. I love the scene and would love to be there now! I do hope you start feeling better soon.
    Take care,
    Nikki x

  23. Love, love, love this card. Hugs Mrs A.

  24. Wow, so beautiful. Love the colours. xx

  25. Very very beautiful, Brenda. I will be dusting off my brayer this week for sure. I do hope you are more mobile and in less pain very soon. Big hugs x

  26. Hope you got out to meet your friends! This is soooooo pretty! I've got some of those stamps, but my cards never looked this good. Thanks for sharing it,

  27. Hi dear Brenda!
    How are you? It is a while I didn't pas to visit you... But I always see the lovely projects you make, that are always so much full of inspiration!!! =)))
    I send you a warm hug

  28. Wow Brenda this is a stunner!! I love everything about it and just I was there.
    Sorry to here the old MS is acting up again and hope that you will soon be able to ditch the wheelchair.
    Take care. xx

  29. WooW Brenda,
    ich weiß nich was ich dazu sagen soll!!!
    so schöne Karten wie du machst in dem Stil, einfach fantastisch.
    Liebe Grüße Manuela

  30. love this card-wish I was there. Hope you have a good time at the show x

  31. Sp sorry to hear you're having a tough time at present but glad to hear that you've got contingency plans. The sky with this is delightful & I love those flamingoes - your cardstock choice of colour really allows the brain to fill it into those silhouettes - not a technique I'd have thought of at all. Amazing the power of suggestion.
    Paula (PEP)
    PS - hope the first aid for the keyboard helps.

  32. Great Card - kept an eye out for you at Stamperama but didn't see you. Tracy x

  33. Replies
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  34. Очень изумительно красиво!

  35. Hi there B. thanks for popping over and it did worry me - was going to say i notice unusual activity after I visit a friend's blog in the Ukraine and that is one I did pop to before your so maybe there is a connection - am gad it wasn't totally blocked _ i do have two sign in as have two addresses (due to complications when first set it up) so maybe that would help if one did not work but think they may completely block the blog.
    Re. the Stampscapes - if I were you i would get unmounted straight from US - they are about half price or more of mounted and also you can get exactly what you want - the price of US dollar is really good for us at the moment so that helped me - not sure of GBP to US$.

    Plus Kevin was marvellous he actually put in an extra stamp, I was umm-ing and ar-ing about, (and if had not marked them off would not have known it as you go brain dead about what you have ordered after a while).
    Also he allowed me to order three more stamps (as they were unmounted the computer system is auto on post and put it up for couple of extra tiny stamps (ie "A" in their size range so very tiny) -post is the dear thing but if unmounted her helps you out on that.
    Have emailed him a lot over three orders. The first order was 3 stamps second was big but 70% for other folks so this time (my birthday tomorrow) made it for for me!
    thanks for being a great blogging buddy and glad your teeth are good now and pray both of ours stay that way. i think you would understand when you go to dr/dentist etc. they say yes but you are not the norm in relation to anything medically speaking!! God bless, Shaz in oz.x


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