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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Easel box card tutorial

I'm on a tutorial roll this morning, I've been promising this for so long so and as I posted one of these easel box cards in my post yesterday decided it was time I got on with it, plus the tri fold card which you will find in the post below this one.

All measurements on this one are metric and you can blow each one up to get a closer look by right clicking over the picture.

You will need four sheets of A4 cardstock, or if you use A3 and juggle the pieces about a bit you should get away with one of those and one A4. Also, a scoreboard, ruler, glue....I uses Art Institute dries clear as it's an almost instant fix and as the name implies dries clear.....two 12x12 sheets of DP and a tassel or large brad for the draw handle. I like to use double sided or coordinating DP as this gives the best visual result. Plus your easel card to fit on top.

Cut out all pieces and score as per the pictures (see note below fig 4 before you cut).

fig 1

Join A & B on box parts one and two (fig 1&2) by folding over each other butting to the folds, so you have one long piece. Now fold the whole piece round to form a box shape and glue the longest flap over the shorter one - this should butt to the corner fold and give a perfect box shape.

fig 2

fig 3
Score all round the drawer piece as above, then cut a triangle section out from each corner piece. This then folds inside the next section to create your drawer. I use the same glue for this and find it helps to keep a good shape if you pop a paper clip on each corner until it's totally dry.

fig 4

You can add any shape easel card on top, but if you are going all square as the one below, you can cut this piece all in one : i.e 148 x 296 and score in the middle so that you have the top of your box and base of easel all in one. Then you just need an extra 148 square piece for the main focal element.

Cover all sections of your assembled box with DP's and that's it other that whatever design you add to the top. As always, please mail me with any questions.

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