Thursday, 25 June 2015

Click here if you would like to enter my Birthday candy. Message added 23rd June - my candy post and linky seems to have disappeared, I have tried to re-install it but the names are all missing so Mr Linky is looking into it to see if the problem is there, fingers crossed it will be back again shortly.

Another note added 25th June, it seems my linky list cannot be retrieved, I am so very sorry but there seems nothing I can do to remedy the situation. So the best I can offer is to start it all of again which I will get done a.s.a.p. once I have all my Tattered Lace samples finished and time to commit to my blog again.


AnyOldCraft said...

That's ok Brenda you can just send them all to me I don't mind *wink* LOL

I really wouldn't worry yourself hun you can always just add it again.
With your generosity people will not mind I am sure :)

Dora said...

it is ok, I do not mind. take it easy.
good luck!
kind regards, dora

ionabunny said...

I just look at it as an opportunity for us to get excited all over again at a future date LOL. Take care and have a great day Brenda. Hugz

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